IFC to blender

hello everyone,
I try to import an IFC file to blender from Revit, but I keep getting errors.
any help with that.
thank you.link to IFC files used

It’s unclear if IFC uses mesh or a CAD geometry.

I suspect if the objects are CAD, and the importer is expecting a mesh, or cannot convert the CAD objects to a mesh, that would be a potential problem.

Can you share the IFC file?

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i attached the link tothe files.

I saved it to an STL and WRL from SolidWorks

The original file is multicolored. Unfortunately the export could not preserve the color.

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Thanks for your help.
but i still have one more issue, am actually working on a project which the first goal is to use an IFC file because it has to deal with BIM.
Is there chance i could do that with an IFC file or during saving my fille.
Thanks again.

I don’t use Revit myself so I don’t know if changing export options might work.
Hopefully someone else can help.

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looks like you embedded libraries/families into IFC
instead use exact/ full geometry, which should then work with blender ifc importer