.ifc ?

Hi all,
I’m new to Blender but as far as I understand the program so far (still doing lots of tut’s) it really rocks and I am fully Pro-Blender. The way I use Blender now mostly is to “try” to create realistic renders of architectural projects.
Now we’ve come to my problem. The program I use has a export file called “.ifc”. But since I didn’t find a way to import an .ifc-file into Blender, I first have to convert this .ifc to a .kmz-file and then I can import it and use it. But I noticed that after this import several meshes are “stuck” together. It are no longer seperate parts/objects.
How can I solve this ?
Is there an .ifc import/export on the way in the new Blender version as this is the new worldwide standard for CAD-progrmas ?

Well, what you could do is to select the object (use CTL-L to select all linked verticies) and seperate it with P. The menu will say Part? and you should click ‘selected’. Actually, ‘All loose parts’ might work as well, but I haven’t used that before, so I don’t know.

I just tried it and it worked fine. I haven’t “unlocked” them all yet but the one’s I tried seperated.
Thanx !!

is there a faster way to do them all ???
when importing a biggie project it like takes for hours to get the parts seperated :frowning: