iFileCMS 2.0 Released!

Today is the day! This new release is an impressive compilation of features that have been requested since the original release of iFileCMS back in April of 2006. I’ve spent about 32hrs of work rewriting the scripts from scratch and have finally made it available for PHP 4.0 (legacy version worked on PHP 5.0 only). This new version includes easy to use Themes, Extension Enable/Disable, Searching, and much more! Plus you can Register and Archive Projects! It’s been alot of work and if you check the new Documentation page you’ll find some things on the ToDo list.

iFileCMS 2.0 (166KB) Rar
iFileCMS 2.0 (158KB) Zip

I haven’t created a new homepage for the project and I actually don’t plan to. I’ll probably just use the Project page in the Blog with a Search link for iFileCMS as the landing page. My installation of iFileCMS is the current directory and I’ll be using it for some of my files - I may use it as a demo, I haven’t yet decided.

I am still looking for someone to write the Documentation (installation through to usage) and some Tips. If any body has a good no frills, don’t steal my code as your own, Terms of Service text I wouldn’t mind using it for the default. If you have any suggestions for next generations (it’ll be 2.x for a while still) or if you have some bug reports please either email them to me or post them here!


This web application is very useful for file sharing with Blender files and supports over 1000 extensions. Please email me any suggestions, bug reports, missing extensions, etc. For inclusion in future releases!

You can learn more about the development of iFileCMS at http://www.intellidesign.org/blog/index.php?s=ifilecms.

Interesting… There is a demo to look at?

Well the demo is located at the http://www.intellidesign.org/ifilecms. It’s not really a demo per say - you have to register to use it and there is open registeration. You can see how the client pages work - there is an administration page that has alot of other cool features too! This is my personal installation and I’ll be using it to host different files. You can login as:


To just use the default demo user! :slight_smile: