Ifrit (leg update)

(Subsurf) #1

hanks for the comments dudes heres an update.

the body is messy atm :smiley:


(MrMuscly) #2

That model of yours might turn out close to awesome too, at the very least !

Keep up the good work !

(Subsurf) #3

thanks for the comments dude. heres an update.

(BgDM) #4

Looking good dude. This was actually going to be my next project after I get my Crow character done. Man, I need to get back to work on that. :stuck_out_tongue:

The lips seem a little thin. Look at the ref I have attached below to see what I mean. He should look more like a cat around the mouth area.


I will be watching this one.


(bullx) #5


it is a great work you are doing, congrats.

(Subsurf) #6

thanks for the comment dude and it would great if you would model it too :smiley: and looking forward to see your crow.

bullx - thanks for the comment dude

heres an update

(womball) #7

Awesome model! I love the mirror tool too. I am planning on bring to blended life, either Sabin, Gau, Terra or Cyan (Final Fantasy 6) in a unique style.

(BrianH) #8

Awesome model dude! What’s so weird is that I started Kimahri today and didn’t see this thread until after I posted my WIP on him. I can’t wait to see his body. Keep up the good work.

(Subsurf) #9

rough model of the leg :slight_smile: i’ll work on it once I model the feet and the hand which im having trouble starting with :-?


(WAYOFF) #10

really nice details on the whole thing.
waiting for next update :smiley: