Ify, From a concept by Sam Yang

An amazing piece to work on, I enjoyed the whole process


Very nice, I clicked through your three images like a stop motion animation and she came to life, maybe you could do a short animation with the three poses.
The original concept art does have a more sensual feel to it, (not a critic just an observation) yours is more melancholic.

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Brilliant observation I must say, I never saw or noticed that.

An animation would be cool too.

As for the reference, at some point I realized I had already go far from it. Iā€™m hoping I can nail likeness in time to come

I think you have made a lovely character, it is not always necessary to achieve a perfect likeness, there is something personal in your interpretation.

One of the things I like about looking through the artwork here is to see the different ways people interpret projects and the different styles that they develop.

I like your character and I also like the concept art, they are different and convey different emotions.

If many people were to interpret the same concept there would be many different styles and moods.

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Well Said, Thank you DNorman