IglooMans digital painting

Yeah, I can see in the Dali picture that the eyes are a bit large and spaced. Proportions where never my strong point :o. I’ll look into some further measurements. At least it’s improving!

Proportions were never my strong point
that’s what photo study is all about… after a while you’ll grow accustomed to the correct proportions and then your own creations will improve emensly… good job with the study, btw… one thing i would suggest is working on your tonal value… it’s also a good idea to take a colour photo and draw it in grey scale to work on tone…

+1 Dots as markers for certain features, will improve your work dramatically.

Here is an apple. Haven’t been drawing near as much as I should recently, but I’m trying to get back to it :stuck_out_tongue: I haven’t really done much with colour, so I thought an apple would do just fine. Too tired of doing faces, will do some again, eventually.

I’ve done a lot since last I posted, but here’s what I did today! Hopefully I’ll get to doing some more ambitious stuff tomorrow, but that’s it for now.