Igneus new site!

If you haven’t already come see what looks to be an extremely promising free renderer. Though its not open source yet, its said it will become so at a later date. OH yeah the new site: Igneus

wow that renderer blitzes the rest of the competition, it looks amazing.


Hmm. They used Suzanne! Is it a Blender Artist’s site? Can’t wait to see it integrated! Maybe by 2.45 Heheheh!

WOW! Volumetrics for smoke and caustics! I can’t wait until blender has support for such features. This one looks like it will be a good alternative to the current render engines out there.


…i remain unimpressed, maybe it’s because i already have the speed and functionality of Blender Internal and the realism of Indigo?

i check this site weekly. he sure is taking his time about it, but it does show promise.

Or maybe it’s because you’re blindly allegiant to them?

as for the renderer, i think it shows great promise. I have yet to see smoke like that or translucency so lovely in any renderer.

I agree, this looks amazing and it comes with the chance of becoming open source

I believe, seeing as this is a free renderer and the fact that he coded it himself, that a blender exporter will come with it or at least soon after. Anyone notice how he used a specific algorithm for the skin? Nice! I foresee a fast power full renderer, capable of Mentalray like images! AND SSS!!! with full BSSRDF! Thankyou! If I could find him I would kiss him…okay maybe a little to much…

Edit: Check out the fluid sim! Aqueus!!! Holy Shit!

Ok let me clarify a few things…as I have been in touch with the author.

Firstly, I prompted him to update the site when I PMed him showing enthusiasm for his renderer. He says that updates should be more regular than they were.

Secondly, he said binaries should be released sometime in the near future once he has permission from his supervisor. No sources yet…bringing me to the third point.

Unfortunately, he is using some algorithms that haven’t been published yet. This mean that the sources will only become available once that is done. And that may take some time…

Personally, I would love to use Aqueus with Igneus for volumetric effects if nothing else. Looks like an awesome renderer.


P.S> I’m sure he won’t mind me sharing this stuff with you!

P.S> There is no Blender exporter yet. Suzanne was imported into Max.

Hi Matthew,

I don’t know how to write export scripts for Blender, however I will be
putting in a request to the Blender community for help in writing one.
If you yourself or anybody you know has experience in writing plug-ins
or scripts for Blender and want to participate, I would be very
interested to hear back from you.


P.S. Igneus is not open source yet although the binary executable will
be available to download.

I got his email. Anyone interested?

Ok, got an other email stating that by the end of 2008 or 2009 the project will become open source. He goes on to state that the UI is minimal at least (he sent a picture, not much different than sunflow’s). There is currently no animation support, but hopes to include it in the near future.

This guy will make a killer renderer if he plans on taking 2 years with it.

This is good news no matter what… :confused:

look at the feature-section… there is a link to the aqueus fluid-solver… very interesting… it doesn’t seem to be coded too hard (-;

Talked to Ben again, it seems papers and research are pushing back the release of Igneus. As for the speed, It all depends on the machine, but in general it will be a little slow, considering that he is using Igneus as a sort of sandbox for his research, dumping in features and then leaving them there. He will try to refine them slightly, and when it goes Opensource we shall all have a chance to refine the code and speed things up a bit.

results look pretty decent