Ignition 2 project - original track ripped

(mills332) #1

Hi everybody.

I love a game called Ignition, released by UDS in 1997.


I’m remaking it, with help from @Schwimpy .

NEW!: Thanks to a plugin created by jigebren We will be able to rip the original tracks and objects!!
He sent me the first track and i added shadows and bumpmap effect to the textures, This is how it looks like… awesome.

Web demo (previous version, not original track); (install burster plugin): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/…WebPlayer.html
File .blend: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o9w0ezh2uz3oott/Ignition2.blend
If anybody is interested in this game, tell me, i won’t be able to recreate all tracks… make all game logic…
So it would be great if people joined this project.

Car physics are taken from an old RC car demo “racer25”.
It works well at 60 fps on my I3 laptop, set to power save mode (900 Mhz), using ATI mobility GPU.

New pics:

Ripped track by jigebren:

Remade track:

(mills332) #2

I’m working on the car physics and making the first track, the game is starting to look OK and it is even fun to play with the tiny car!

(pgi) #3

It looks great, good job. Just remember: windows only executable -> bad bad bad.

(Roylen John) #4

Wow! the game is looking awesome!
Like the detail of the Racetrack. Looks like the hd version of the original. :slight_smile:
Maybe you should increase the number of polygons on the racetrack turnings to keep the ride smooth…

(Erez) #5

It looks really cool!
I would love to add some audio to this :smiley:

(mills332) #6

I know, windows exe is too big, and it has a lot of dll’s… the blend file is now about 8 Mb, the windows exe is about 60 MB!

For the moment it is low poly. but the car gets stuck because of some big edges/faces, so i’ll have to smooth it a bit

You can rip sounds from the original, and musics are there to.

Thanks everybody, if you want the .blend i’ll upload it.

(carlo697) #7

With respect to the exe, maybe you need to see dead cyborg: http://www.deadcyborg.com/download.html, see the exe of the game.

Sorry english.

(sdfgeoff) #8

We just don’t like exe’s because not all of us run windows. By providing only .exe’s you’ve cut out 1/3-1/2 of the longer-running people who visit these forums.
So yeah, blend is preferable.

And don’t feel that we’re pressuring you to give us a blend this early. Give it to us when you’ve nearly finished!

(mills332) #9

OK thanks. Once had a linux pc and i don’t like exe’s at all :).

(Schwimpy) #10


Iv’e started working with mills332 on this awesome game remake.

The cars have the original textures but the models have gotten som sprucing up.

(Schwimpy) #11

Only three images per post so here is three more :stuck_out_tongue:

(Schwimpy) #12

And another three


(mills332) #13

I made a normal texture for the cars, textures are very low res.
But the cars are going to be small in the game, so i think they look really ok.

(pgi) #14

Looks great. Can’t wait to play the demo-that-will-not-be-windows-only. Whops, did I say that?

(mills332) #15

:slight_smile: Don’t worry, demo will be a .blend file.

(Schwimpy) #16

And the last two :slight_smile:

(mills332) #17

Instal burster plugin (for windows and linux) You can play a Beta demo.
Car controls get stuck in the .blend file so i tested the web player and controls work perfect.
It might be a bug in blender…


(pgi) #18

It “works”. I mean, the player works, the game loads, the car moves. There are a couple of glitches in the geometry of the world - missing parts of the track, some planes not aligned where the car gets stuck - but the game is there, happily running and working. Nice job.

(mills332) #19


The web player has also some issues, if you press “R”, your car should go to the start (it doesn’t).

(Malicious Fiber) #20

Cool lil cars! The reddish one in the video seemed to turn pretty nice. I’d say get your logic and gameplay down, then do a few touchups here and there, its just a form of love and will simply produce an even better result. Time to go to the drawer and get out the thinking cap.