Ignore stencil texture

If I have 3 textures, 1 tiled dirt texture, 1 tiled grass texture and a stencil, how can I add a AO texture that ignores the stencil?

Place it on top of other textures(at least on top of stencil). Any textures under stencil uses the stencil, but textures on top of it doesn’t!

hm… that doesn’t work for me. The stencil is transparent with some white areas. A texture on top of the stencil means the texture only shows up in the transparent area. A texture below the stencil only shows up in the white area. Is it possible to add a texture that shows up in both areas?

Puting the texture twice once on top and once on botom?

( no idea what you are talking about but it seamed logical)

Yeah, your idea works but I also thought about that. This is for in the game engine, this thread is moved to here (my bad)… The reason why i’m not very satisfied about this solution is because it will slow down my game if i have more textures then needed. So I’m curious if there is a better solution.

Now I need this too…:expressionless: