Ignoring object for collision evaluation?

Hi all,

I’m using a simple plane as the collision object for the guns on my ship (think Aerofighters Assault, StarFox64, Crimson Skies, that style of game). However, the guns keep bouncing the ship backwards from the collision calculations.

Is there a way to make a projectile like that completely ignore a particular object for all calculations, in this case the player’s ship mesh? Making the projectile look for only an “enemy” property doesn’t seem to have an effect, and the ship still bounces backward.


Hi all again,

Thinking more about my first question, is there any way to make an object, in this case a projectile weapon, ignore a particular object for collision calculations?


I had the same problem. I’m quite a noob, so maybe there is a better solution, but if you use UV mapping, you can choose to remove a face from the collision detection tests.

You have to go in edit mode, select a face, then in the editing menus (F9), go to the “texture face” tab (in the same box that the Multire and UV calculation tabs). You can then select or deselect collision for this face. You can then select all the other face that don’t have be used for collision than press Ctrl-C and select copy active mode.

I hope that it help you.

In my case, it made the physics use of the cpu go from 50% to less than 1%!!!