my latest piece and first post this year. rendered in cycles 300 samples:D


That is one fat iguana, I can tell by the fish he’s holding that he knows how to get food.

It looks decent the way it is, but there are some areas where the texture lack a little in resolution (which I guess increasing the resolution for won’t be straightforward since they are photographs.)

Looks good :smiley: The fishes fin looks a bit too straight. If you know what I mean. But other than that, really nice modelling!

this would be really awesome if you worked on the textures some more. It could use a subdivision subsurface I think. Also the skin just looks like an image mapped on a diffuse shader. Maybe try applying some bump mapping (you can get them from the pic as shown in this video, but instead of using crazy bump try the gimp plug in. http://www.blenderguru.com/videos/the-secrets-of-realistic-texturing/ )