Ihanaa Leijonat ihanaa!

As a Finnish guy for me it is nice thing that Finland did won the ice hockey world championship. I did model fastly in few hours this one from a drawing that was in Swedish magazine.


Great looking character!

it was humiliating! _ well we meet at 2012 final in sweden, and hopefully in 2013 in finland :smiley:

Taivas varjele mikä sieltä tulee!
Haha, nice one. All we need is a modelled pascifier (although I didn’t like that joke even if it was started by swedish press)

aermartin, Swedish team is little young now, but everyone can see that it will be a really serious team next year. :slight_smile:
I think that Swedish people is cool because you have that lot sense of humor in this kind of things.

Hehe, maybe the pascifier would be good one. It think it was funny. :smiley: