III YafaRay Annual Contest (2009)- Crazy Machines

Render by Eric Terrier

Contest Topic
The contest topic is Crazy Machines.
Definitions of crazy:

  • Mentally deranged; demented; insane.
  • Senseless; impractical; totally unsound.
  • Unusual; bizarre.

The machine depicted should be a contestant’s original invention, although you can resort to popular culture and existing objects and machines as a basis for your crazy piece of engineering.

Some Rules
Only YafaRay can be used for rendering.
The contest will end the 17th of August 2009, 0:00 GMT.
You can post process and composite different YafaRay render passes.
Post your final renders in >>this thread<< please.
Render minimun resolution must be 1024 x 1280 portrait or 1280 x 1024 landscape, in PNG or TGA format.

Winner and prize
The winner will be selected by a jury composed of YafaRay Team Members.
The prize is a copy of Digital Lighting & Rendering 2nd. Edition by Jeremy Birn, or alternatively an item from the Blender e-shop.

May the force be with you!

after just watching last year I think this year it is time for me to participate.

I would love to enter, I mean the theme is fantastic :smiley:

I just fear I won’t have the time to, July is just too busy and the deadline isn’t that far away. Well, let’s see.

Some links in case you need inspiration. Remeber that you shouldn’t copy an existing model, but create one of your own, with your own twist:





The topic is very interesting, good choice Alvaro, one month should be ok.