'Ijobiru' Project / Rama & Bonita

Hello All…
This is my first post here

I want to show our Work In Progress animation project called “Ijobiru”. Actually, final release for this animation will called “Rama & Bonita”. This is an students project for Computer Animation Class in my institute. The team contains about 40 people, but almost of them still new in the 3D animation.

This project has been started since last march. Hopefully this animation will completed around September or October.

Introducing Rama

… and Bonita

Here it is the screenshoot for the animation

For the animation preview, you can see it on this link
I’m not really satisfied with the animation. :no:
For next couple of weeks, animation team will do a lot of work. :wink:

Screenshots are good, I like the expressions. Character movements in the animation though seem very stiff and slow. Children doing those activites would probably be a little more energetic. Has potential though.

Haha, completely agree with you. the animation still very ugly, My team still learning about animation. It’s so confusing to mimic children actifity. Children acts so randomly.

I hope it will be resolved soon.

I agree with fade. Animation seems too slow,specially eye movements wont be that slow.
But nice character models, both looks almost same except hair and eye brow.:slight_smile: