IK apply rotation?

Hi is there a way of applying rotation, position of bones when I use IKs. I use this model in a game engine, so I can’t rely on the IK for the rotation.

Did you try to apply the Armature modifier ?

When I apply the Armature mod then the mesh doesn’t defrom with the skelleton anymore. Thats not what I want . The problem is that I can’t use IK bones to drive the rotation, the rotation of the bone that gets moved by the IK is alway 0. One solution would be animating without an IK setup, but that would suck.

You probably want “apply visual transform to pose” from pose mode’s apply menu (ctrl-a with a bone selected, for me) or to bake to visual keyframes.

Note that the big reason to use IK is that it interpolates differently than FK. If you’re interpolating keyframes, bones won’t behave the same with visual keyframes from a now-muted IK constraint. You need keyframes on every frame. (Hence, baking visual keyframes.)

yeah I did some diging and found those 2 topics
The simplest solution is to export as fpx rather then gltf, because fpx has a “baked animation” setting in the exporter.