IK bones mess up pose mode, doesn't match edit mode

With my IK bones turned off, everything is fine. I know it’s normal for bones to move a little with IKs, even when everything is in the 0 position, but how do I fix it to match edit mode? I read forum after forum but cannot tell what to do. I need the IKs for animating but I can’t apply the armature like this.

The hands mostly are screwed up, but there is a slight difference in the legs too. I attached the blend file


Freder body.blend (2.86 MB)

I don’t see much of a problem here, tbh.

I mean, I looked at the right arm, and yes, switching between edit mode and pose mode, the arm bones do rotate, but not that much.

The best thing you can do, and I see you’ve worked at it, is the IK constraint’s pole angle adjustment.

It’s not a big deal that it twists like that when animating, and you won’t be entering edit mode while animating…

‘Apply current pose as rest pose’ (forgot what menu) is in blender and it might fix things that really don’t need fixin.