IK Constraint on Arm Acting Odd


I have this character with a rig that is suppose to climb a rope, but his arms stop pointing at the pole for some reason. Please help me figure out what is wrong here? Thank you.


Goop_Player_FORUMPOST02B.blend (973 KB)

It’s working, here’s the character as you have it posed:

And here’s that pose after I moved the pole target:

I unlocked the y-location of the bone, so I could move it towards the front of the character, otherwise you had to move it really far off to the side.

In that pose, there is some pinching going on:

As you can see the axis of the hand and the lower arm bone are off by about 90 degrees, which isn’t the problem, the problem is there are only a few edgeloops around the hand/arm joint. I played with weight painting a bit, and got better results, less pinching. If you had more edgeloops around that joint (only 1 where the hand/arm joint is) you could get better deformation and less pinching. I try to have at least 3 loops at any joint.