IK constraint Question

in this .blend

the IK isn’t working in the game engine :frowning:

in the 3d view it is working
in game engine not

are there any solutions?


IKGE.blend (138 KB)

I think thats because you move the object thats attatched to the armature. Working allot better if you make actions on the armature and inplant that in the game.

i don’t need to make pre-made actions
i want to do a controllabe robotic arm

in 2.49b this does not work

for 2.5x I do not know. I thought it was planed to be working.

but i think people were able to define bones locations using python
forget about ik a little
isn’t there a way to define bones locations in 2.49b
does this work in the old versions of blender?

ideasman42 made a patch a while ago to enable the setChannel() of the action actuator.
Let’s see if I can find the thread…

follow this thread: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=190103 it contains a link to the original + an example

i solved it
finally i can do IK animations without using python!
I feel that’s i’m smart :evilgrin:
will share it with you later :smiley: