IK constraint

i put 3 bones called B0 B1 and B2 in Sequence
and tried to put an IK constraint on B2 bone to B0 but in the field for target or pole target
i put the name B0 and it’s erasing it ?

what name i’m supposed to put there to make it work

i tried to follow web page


in pose mode > select the B2 bone > then shift select B1
> press Ctrl+I
make sure you change the chain length to 2
also the B2 can’t be parented to the chain

if you’re still having probs i’ll post some screen shots

I’M USING 2.46 rc!

it will work in 2.46

thre are changes in the panel for constraints


I use SVN
it’s the same

check out the pic that should help


see pic below
2.46 does not have the same fields

but i’ll try more this weekend

normally you should put only the bones name not the armature namein
i tried that and it 's erasing it immediately so it does not recognize it !


In the first place, Ricky, you are putting a constraint on bone B0, not B2. Look at the panel. It says Add Constraint: To Bone: B0. Of course it erases B0 in the target spot. You can’t target B0 with B0. In the second place, notice that the target is the armature object, not the bone. Once you put the armature name in as the target, the second field will appear, and your panel will look just like the panel waylow showed you.

the OB: is the name of the Armature
then the BO: field will appear

it is the same
as Orinoco said you have the constraint on the wrong bone

you can either type the name into the contraint panel
select them as I mentioned in post #2 and press Ctrl+i

OB must have the name of the armature first then under it a new fiel appear and you put hte name of the bone
but i don’t have any line as shown in the web page yet ?
io’ll continue to experiment


the constraint needs to be added to B1

i got a bug with the video driver so may be this why i don’t see the orange dotted line!
see pic
i’m trying to reproduce this web page

you have the constraint on BO
it needs to be on B1

here is what you do
please read this

in pose mode - select B2 > then shift select B1
press control+i
now select B1 (just B1)
got the the contraints panel and change the chain length from 0 to 2

that is all

now grab B2 and move it
see what happens
(B2 cannot be parented to any bone in the chain)