IK degrees of freedom -- displaying Y range

Hey. I’ve been having little to no hassle getting a model made and rigged complete with IK, but degrees of freedom have been the bane of my existence. It’s incredibly handy to be able to see any given bone’s range of motion, but for some reason the Y (green) range of bones isn’t displayed, and with the Rotate command ignoring it, I’m essentially working in the dark regarding bone roll.

It’s not even seen in tutorial pictures from several versions ago, which suggests that it’s not even implemented at all. Is it? Is there some way to make the Y range visible?

I’ll take that as a no.

Is there at least a way to rotate a bone while taking into account IK range?

To rotate a bone along its Y axis, simply key r yy and then a value or LMB drag. The yy bit means use the object’s Y axis rather than the Global Y axis. as regards displaying the limits of an IK bones movements, they should be set in the bones properties IK panel, any other form of constraint does not work on a bone in an IK chain. As regards the display of the limits, I am not aware of whether these display or not, I shall look at it further once my render is finished. To roll a bone in Edit mode, use CTRL+R or set the roll in the bone’s properties panel.

Patience is a virtue, by the way, we all have many other things taking our time as well as this forum in general, or one post in particular.

Cheers, Clock.


The Y rotation limits do not display on my Blender - I never knew that!