IK + driver possible?

I’m trying to use IK on an arm, but also a driver on the collar bone so it rotates as the upperarm rotates up.

Is it possible to use IK and drivers together? I appreciate the problem I’ve created - the IK keeps fighting with the driver moving it. I’m not entirely sure what to search for.

I have tried creating a duplicate set of bones just for the IK which aren’t connected to the driver bone, then matching the non-IK (deforming) arm to this duplicate. This sort of worked to some degree but obviously the arm moves faster when up in the air as the driver influences it, and it bugs out quite a bit depending on the rotation.

You can, in the general sense. But you’re probably trying to do the driver based on the position of the elbow or something, which you can’t-- it’s a dependency loop, the elbow depends on the ik which depends on the clavicle which depends on the elbow.

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Yeah I am - I’m driving the clavicle based off the upper arms rotation, which is controlled by IK, which is then moved by the clavicle and round we go. I can’t see any way around this other than my poorly functioning duplicate IK and copy rotation.

Care to post a file?


The upper arm bone moves based on the Hand IK, right? If that’s the case, you can create a driver for your clavicle bone based on the rotation of the upper arm bone.

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