IK export

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i’d like to be able to export a fully rigged mesh, to be loaded up within a custom piece of software that i’m developing. my app is going to have IK support based on the iksolver internal module from Blender.

ideally, i want to be able to export the mesh, bones, and ik rigging details to a file format that has a nice SDK which can be simply plugged into my application. i’ve looked at two or three - Collada and FBX both seem like options - but i’m unsure how much the export tools have kept up with the development of the Blender engine - for example, i want to be able to export IK Pole Vectors, which are a new feature in 2.46.

can anyone offer any advice here?


You’ll have to add IK data export in one of the export formats … AFAIK most export formats do not export constraints, since they are not completely compatible from one app to another …

You’ll have to check for and set parameters like chain length. target etc.


thanks. yeah, i had kind of assumed that would be the situation. it should be easy enough to write a python script to trundle through the bone hierarchy and spit everything out to a separate file, so that’s what i’ll probably do.