IK/FK smooth blending using space handler script

Hi, Cesio and I were working on this for a while, finally got it right, thanks to Aligorith and Ideasman42.


Read the whole thing here (better quality video available there plus more info) -> http://www.malefico3d.org/blog-en/?p=22

Check a blurry video here if you’re the hurry type -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzbaR_jJ0Pw

Regards !


This is simply amazing. Does it mean that it has implemented same functionality as Victor Vinyals demo reel rig? It would be really brilliant.

Any chance that this will be hard coded in Blender? Decent “rig handlers” would really bring top notch rigging functionality in Blender (together with bone heat and other new godies) :-)))

Thank you very much indeed.

Hi JiriH,

Some of the functionality from Victor’s rig is implemented, yes. Victor’s rig is far more complex and has LOTS of functionalities I wasn’t able to emulate, but I’m hoping I can.

There is no much sense in harcoding this kind of script, since it depends heavily on the rig. It’s a common thing a rig has its unique features built in, so hardcoding something so specific as this doesn’t make any sense.

Better thing would be riggers teach the techniques they used/developed to get the job done…as Bassam, and many others are doing/have done.

Once I put this baby online, you’ll see there’s nothing there but constraints and some lines of code (well, some of them are a bit criptic, but still).

Glad you liked it :slight_smile:


I guess you are right. For example new Maya tutorial from Digital Tutors (http://www.digitaltutors.com/store/product.php?productid=3407#tabs) regarding rigging of cartoon character deals in whole first three lessons with mel scripting for particular rig. So I guess the message for animators of complex rigs is clear -some basic knowledge of (python/mel) scripting is real advantage.

So I hope we can “steal” some knowledge from you so thank you once more for your blog and sharing of your magic :-)))

Hi, Malefico that very amazing that Blender could do this.
I really looking forward to your upload this script and and to try.