IK/FK Switch Animation Issue


I create the rig IK/FK switch based on this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okBjlKaWO80 Its seems to be a visual representation of IK and FK switch. When I go for animation in the timeline it’s not working seamlessly (FK to IK or IK to FK) due to the bone poses snapping to both keyframes.


Can’t see your blend or what you are trying to accomplish. All you told us is you set up an IK TO FK switch following some tutorial. Are you going from IK to FK? FK to IK? How many bone chains do you have? What is the animation? Can you blend your switch with the rig you used? If you can’t you need another rig. If you don’t know put a blend in so I or someone else can help you. Here is some help on rigging and animation.

Rig your arm this way https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ECcLg-S_Is
Then blend your FK to IK movement like this Seamless IK/FK blending 2.5
Or if you’re into significant scripting you can copy matrix positions from one bone chain to another. (If you don’t know what a matrix position is, forget this for now and as you gain more experience, look at the IK to FK snapping script in rigify and adapt it or try this script IK/FK snap / switch - how?).

Remember, we can’t see what you are doing in the animation so we don’t know what “snapping to both keyframes” means. Once you put a blend in, then you can explain what you want to happen and then maybe we can help you.

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Thanks for your reply.

Here I attached “test.blend” . I am using IK bone 1 to 40 frames, then switch to FK at the 41st frame and set the key for “IK/FK bone” on 40 & 41st frames (IK to FK). In this time the bones are (arm & forearm) snapping to back.

Now I am watching tutorials what you provided above.

Vasanthtest.blend (424.2 KB)

OK what you are seeing is standard IK / FK. The FK reverts to where it was that’s all. You never told the FK bones “go here” and then I’ll switch you. That is why you don’t want to use a one bone chain and try to animate it. Just go through the tutorials, redo your rig and you will be fine.

Well worth it to go through the Humane Rigging entire series. That way you’ll be ready for any challenge.