IK-/FK-switch problem


I’ve been working on a rig for a couple of hours now and I’m pretty happy about how it works and looks. There is one issue I’m having though. I created an IK/FK-switch for both the legs and the arms and it works. The problem is that I want the button that controls the switch to follow the letters; IK FK.

Unfortunately I’ve limited the location of the button so that it can only translate in X, but this I need so that you can’t move the button around outside of its parameters. The buttons has a “Child of”-constraint from the corresponding IK FK-letters.

What should I have done differently?


the buttons ? I would parent them to and remove the child of constraint. Most rigs just use the font or converted font for the switch as you will want as little clutter hanging around so to see everything better. I parent the driver to my object that everything follows ( the object I parent the rig to). select local space and whatever location and it follows the model around.

I just wanna make sure that I got this right, I’m sick so I have a hard time concentrating.

You create an object, or font if you will, and don’t fiddle with bones when creating the switch?
And then you parent the switch to the object that the armature controls?

Use a limit location constraint to stop to bone from moving past the letters in the setup shown in the picture you posted. Set the limit location constraint to work in local space. Move the bone around and observe in the transform panel what it’s x-coordinates are to determine what settings to use in the constraint.