IK/FK switch/snap tutorial?

I took a survey for Akeytsu last night and they had whole a lot of questions if I am ok with subscription license (a la Autodesk). One of the major selling points of Akeytsu was perpetual license (a la ZBrush).

If they go to subscription-based license and it’s a pricey one, I am gonna have to drop it and go back animating in Blender. However, I am going to miss amazing IK/FK switch there.

Are there any tutorials about adding IK/FK switch/snap to your rig in Blender or is anyone using Rigify nowadays?

I saw two tutorials (basicly explaining how to use simple script) for creating IK FK snap with example blends. Problem is that it was chinese site and i can’t find it anymore. Lol I will try to find it.


Here is two IK\FK snapping scripts with working blends.
Warning: Chinese language. :slight_smile:

I’d be interested in a tutorial (in English) on this.

Sorry it seems there is no such tutorials in English. At least I couldn’t found.

If you just add a human meta rig to a blank file and look at the rigify script, rig_ui.py you will find the IK/FK snapping. It is just a bone matrix matching using bone positions. The only tricky part is in the pole vector calculations and the naming of the bones for the script. A little further down you will find the panel controls as well. If your using it on your rig you need to adapt it to your bone names and structure. Other than that, you could use rigify next time if you like it.