IK foot not sure if me or Blender broken.


Trying to make a reasonibly simple IK rig but the IK contraint on the Calf doesn’t want to work and keeps spazzing out. The method I am using worked perfectly in previous versions and I have even tried it in 2.64, could I be missing something?

It’s the usual IK contraint with a chain length of two targeted to an IK bone just under the foot, I was later going to add in a pole target as well.

Need this to be fixed as I have tight deadlines.

Having issues with the uploader, will try again tomorrow.

Is the IK control a child of a bone on the leg? It should not be

Most common cause of ‘spazzing’ is multiple armature modifiers. Click on your mesh and go to the Modifiers list (you know, the wrench in the properties window). Make sure you only have one armature modifier.

The mesh isn’t parented to the armature yet but I double checked that just incase, as yes I did have an older armature, I deleted that datablock from the outliner but to no avail.

An IK constraint is on the lower leg bone with it’s controller being directly under the lower leg bone.

Uploader didn’t work but my blend is here:

I’m certain I’m doing something wrong but just can’t see what, cheers.

Exactlty the problem I said. Unparent the controller bone from the calf.

controller bone is not parented it is just positioned under the lower leg

If you have time maybe you would be able to check the blend to get a better picture of what I’m talking about.

It’s just the standard IK rig that everyone does and I have done for some time but now it doesn’t want to work.

daren is giving you the straight scoop. Look at the ik.left bones properties in edit mode, you will see that it’s parent is the left calf. Change it to be parented to your root bone (hips I believe) and all should be well.

wups, derpy me.

Must have been tierd or something to miss something as dumb as that.

Real big thanks all