IK go crazy

I’ve set two IK “chains” for two arms in the wrists, with a length of 2 and another bone makes the goal of each chain. When I pick the goal and move it around two bad things happen:
1- the arm that should follow the goal goes crazy and moves without any sense.
2-the other arm moves linearly up or down in increments that grow while I’m moving the other hand IK goal bone.
Whats happening!!!???

Check the console (that other Blender window) for messages about cyclic dependancies. That’s usually the cause of the kind of behavior you describe. Might just be a spelling error or a missing .L or _R needed to fix it.

Well, there are a lot of cyclic dependencies in the console, but I thought they were normal. They were not suppose to be there?
I’ve unchecked the “use tail” button and the arm now don´t go crazy, but the movement in the other arm persists. I created the arms using symmetry extrussion, maybe is that. The bone spelling is correct.
thanks for replying