IK Inverse Kinematics Deform Help

Hi I used Inverse Kinematics on the end of the tail, only that bone tail tip was selected when added, it works good on the movement but sometimes plays up on movement. Am I meant to add or change something in that Inverse Kinematics constraint panel on the right of sceenshot? Or am I using this wrong?

Main problem is this Inverse Kinematics on the tail pulls on the back legs like in this screenshot here:

And I want to join that tail to the body backbone but Inverse Kinematics seems mess up.

It looks like a weight painting issue to me. Also because the mesh is deformed it’s hard to say, but it looks like some of your bones might not be positioned properly. I’ve found the tail base bone and end of spine bones should be just directly above and behind the hip, not all the way at the back of the character; and the two (three?) main spine bones look a little off, also. It’s interesting that some of the deformation is above the spine bones, which again could be weight painting. I can’t tell exactly what’s happening with the thighs/bottom/rear but it looks like bone placement/wright painting.

  • You don’t seem to have a target for your IK.
  • You should set the chain length so that it goes only to the base of the tail, and not up the back as well. That should stop the back legs being pulled around by the tail.

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Thanks so much MCollett, it’s working great now I did what you said.

Judging just from the picture your showing us… you have the IK modifier on the last bone of the tail… when in actuallity… you should have the IK modifier on the second to the last bone in the tail… then have the last bone in the tail set as the IK target in the IK modifier…

Plus all that MCollett said…

Actually… after playing around with this a bit… there is Targetless IK… you need to uncheck the box that says Target… and that might help…