IK Keyframe Issue

Hello. Recently I have been having this issue when it comes to animating a character of mine. I will move all of my bones around, insert my keyframe into the dope sheet, and everything looks fine. I then go to make a second keyframe. I move my bones around again, make everything look nice, and insert another. This, however, is where my problem emerges. Though the second keyframe looks the way it should, some bones on the first have moved to the same position as those in the second (Leg bones to be exact) . It’s like certain bones’ positions are unanimous among all of the keyframes. I think this has to do with my IK constraints on my leg bones, for when they are taken away this does not happen. Does anybody have any idea as to how I could fix this issue?

Here’s the blend if it helps. Thanks!

This thread is a duplicate of this one. I posted an answer there.