IK Leg Mesh Twist

On layer two, the armature is fine, but the right leg will not deform to knee pole target without twisting the mesh up.

Please help!

Here is the file: http://www.pasteall.org/blend/34246

Thanks so much.

try setting the pole angle to -90

Not too sure what caused the issue in the first place. But here’s one way of fixing it.
in edit mode
1: Delete the bones on the right
2: Duplicate the left bones and place them on the right side (doesn’t have to be in the right place just on the other side of the X-axis), hit spacebar and enter flip names
3: Turn on X-Axis Mirror in the Options tab of the t-panel
4: Then select the left side and press G 0 to make the duplicate bones match in the mirrored position.

Personally I like setting up all my constraints on one side then copying them across this way when I am done.