IK limits

Hi, All.
How I can set up rotation limits for IK joints?
I failed search tutorials about this :frowning:
Please, help me.

you can’t

what kind of motion are you trying to limit?

knees and elbows start off bent slightly, they usually don’t go backwards
upper legs and upper arms have locked track or track constraints to other bones or objects to point knees or elbows

and, that’s about it.

when animating something like toe rotation you can now constrain to a local axis by pressing the axis letter twice. For example, you can rotate around the length of the bone by pressing the Y key twice [iirc]. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a way to limit rotation of a bone to one axis when editing it.

to re-state what I said, the only way to constrain something is to put a constraint on it. So, if you really wanted one bone to rotate around one axis you would have that bone get for example a locked track constraint and you would animate another [new] bone, which it tracks.