IK local/world coordinates for bones in Blender Studio/Cloudrig

I’m looking make my own rig trying to follow some align standards with the rigs from Blender Studio ( blender cloud ). For that I was using for my IK location bones aligned with the world coordinates, wich is used in the classic Rigify for the IK ctrl of feets, for example. But in the characters taken from Blender Studio which is considered the “official” rig ( cloudrig) like used in Snow, Ellie… the ik ctrl are aligned with the chain of feet or spine and they are not using the global world coords anymore. I want know if there is a reason of this change and if there is a paper where explain it. Thanks.

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Hum, it’s hard to tell why it’s the case without some guesswork or playing with the rig.
I’m not sure that would be explained somewhere, but maybe in technical rigging video on the blendercloud.

Having controls aligned with the world is a good practice, maybe try to move these bones using the transform panel and look what effect it gives on the leg.

can you post a screenshot of both setups ? Maybe that will be simpler to understand how useful it is…