IK parenting character

Im creating a character with IK on both legs but there is an issue when it comes to parenting with automatic weights. I created the armature n set ik for the legs. I uncheck the deform option n apply all transforms. Everything seems to work just fine, but when i parent the character to the bones the ik move together and my character deforms in varius ways. I did clear all weights. I don’t know why this is happening.

First thing I’d do is check the directions of the normals on your mesh. They should be pointing outward, not inward. You can check with overlays/face orientation; your mesh should be blue, not red. Backward normals will screw up your autoweights. For more info, I’d want a file to check out.

I did check the direction of the normals and it is blue.
I can’t upload an attachment because I’m a new user.

Maybe you could post a file on google drive, or dropbox, or any number of other file hosts?