ik problem


when i create an ik, i see that in a lot of tutorial create a new bone that is the driver for the ik. this last bone is without parent and connected… it works good but if a traslate all my armature this last bone that drives the ik don’t follow the armature…maybe it must be parent like object but i’m not sure…any suggestion???

Usually when I set up an IK - say for an arm - I have the wrist point to a control bone. Say the IK chain is the forarm, upperarm, (two bones chain length) you can parent the control bone to the chest of the mesh :

Bones --main–>abdommen -->chest–>shoulder–>upperarm–>forArm(IK set to point at armIK with a chain length of two)
–>armIK control

so long as the armIk is parented to a bone not on the IK chain (in this example the Chest), whenever the chest moves, the arm moves too