IK problem

Can anyone helping me? I trying to make a pusup animation, but the problem is I don’t want the elbow to close to the body

But want to make the elbow point outward as much as possible.

Sorry I made a double post. Please delete this thread

Add a “pole target” to the IK chain, then move the pole target out to keep the elbow away from the body. Take a look at the Rigify human rig to see how it all works. Rigify can be found in the Add-ons, but you should also read the “How To” to understand how to setup a Rigify armature. You MUST have a slight bend in your arm before you add the IK constraint to make the arm bend the correct way, then use the Pole Target (normally another bone in the armature) to control the lateral movement of the IK chain.

Cheers, Clock.

I don’t use pole targets, instead I just use a bone at the top of the chain and rotate it instead of moving around a pole target. Both are valid ways.

Good idea - could you post an image of the armature like this for me to learn from please?

Cheers, Clock.

Sure here you go. Let me know if you have any question about it. I can post a blend if you need it.

So a pole target must be use. Thank very much. I will try it.

Thanks, that’s fine I understood from the image and have built a rig myself to get the principle - seems better than pole targets in some applications.

Thanks again,

Cheers, Clock.