IK rig with a flex rubber joint

Ok I may have bit off more than I can chew. Thinking that instead of creating a bunch of internal hinge joints for the legs of my spider camera bot I would just make a rubber type hinge cover that hides the joint areas. However in doing this it will need to flex and bend while the rest of the armature is just a standard IK rig with a root and body bone. I have attached a .blend file to show what I am trying to achieve but my rigging and setting up isn’t up to par when including outside meshes into the rig (like the flex joints).
I have tried just using a soft body and cloth for the joint and doing a plethora of parenting to try and get the joint to follow the armature of the legs but it never really did.

Layer 1 is a simple single leg to body with the two leg pieces and the flex joint piece. On layer 3 I have the look of the total rig. Thank you for any help in trying to figure this out. I am hoping to finally complete something from scratch to finish rigged and ready to animate.

FlexJointHelp.blend (519.7 KB)

Ok I guess I should simplify my question. How would I go about getting the rubber joint in the middle to bend when the leg bends and move with the rest of the rig properly?

parent the mesh legs to the leg bones using bone parenting. Parent the joint using weights.

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@stilltrying Thank you. Guess my noob rigging brain was overthinking it and was thinking it was way more involved than it was. I appreciate the shove back into the right direction. Got it working now. Again thank you for helping.

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