Ik rigging a complex robot joint

Hi everybody, I modeled the core of a robot wrist joint inspired by LIMS2-Ambidex robot
Here a turntable of my model

Now I’m trying to rig it for animation but I tried multiple approaches without being able to solve it…can anyone please help me? Thank you so much

Here you can see my inspiration in action

(I tried to put the video in the original post, but it seems like I can’t being a new user, sorry for the double post)

any idea? :fearful:

IK bone constraint Chain Length 3.

Late to reply but I decided to have a go at it. The end result at least looks convincing, but there are a few assumptions. Have a look in test Arm.blend (961.2 KB)

Pay extra attention to bone Arm.Center. This is a “fictitious” bone so that the IK solver gives the upper and lower arm an equal angle towards the joint. I just assumed that this bone would have the same length as the center-center distance between the furthest joints of each of the three “paths”. This could probably be proved via trigonometry, but it at least looks ok. I ran out of ideas for the top joints, so I have them just track a bone “projected” on the opposite lower arm. Again, no idea if this is supported by the mechanics, but it looks ok.

WOW! thank you so much…it’s brilliant!
I don’t know it it’s 100% mechanical accurate, but it’s surely not needed for my purpose, so 1000 thanks for your help. :beers: :beers: :beers: