IK rotation limits visualization

I found in CVS new cool option: DoF visualization :slight_smile:
Here is screenshot from my blender build from latest CVS.
Looks very usefull.

Very cool.

Been waiting for this kinda feature for years now.


can you pass on the link to the cvs?

That visulisation is great, and the envelopes are funky too.

can you pass on the link to the cvs?

Check out the testing builds forum on blender.org, if its been compiled by someone its probably there.


There are so many cvs’s which one to pick up, please give us the link, i downloaded a wrong one - blender20050827_Bullet_GE.exe

Please pass me the link to the cvs or at least tell me the name of the build


I was imagining the EXACT IDEA for quite some time and i was gonna send a request for it! awesome!

Please pass me the link to the cvs or at least tell me the name of the build

Itll either be the very newest bf-blender build (dates in the titles), or the SOC IK project, again the newest.

Check the commit logs in the posts. If you still cant find it, it may be that it hasnt been built with it yet, grzybu might have compiled it himself.

Figure out whats going on in the testing builds forum, then youll never have to ask for the direct link.

Looking around now, it doesnt look like anyone has posted a binary. I might be wrong though. Try compiling it yourself.


I cant find (windows). at least tell me the name of your exe


At least give a short tutorials explainig the limit x, y , z buttons and degrees, for those who can find the Dof limit visualiser version

Windows build is here (a week old, but has the IK):


Thankyou for the links !
but I had played with this build .!

and i havnt figure out how does the visualiser(elipsoid) comes up.??

i did not find that as well.

anyway reading the new ik entry in bledner.org makes me even more excited about the new release. finaly the ik realy gtes mature. thats great!

the professor i am working with was pretty amazed when he saw the next version features because he only works with maya but also keeps an eye on open source apps. we might do something similar like the organe movie here at the BGSU.


It seems the build I linked was made the day before limits visualisation was added, but the other features should be there.

Dont complain if people wont do your work for you. I told you where to look and what it should be under, if it is there. I did this out of the kindness of my heart, if you learn whats happening in the testing builds, you wont be reliant on other people spoon-feeding you the links.

Limit x, y and z do exactly what you would expect. They limit the freedom of movement to specific axes, wither totally or by the amount of degrees you say. These are in the build you have, just the visuliser isnt. Play around in it, its obvious what these things do when you use them.

KS, I dont have this build. The topic starter says “my build”, so he probably compiled it himself. If you want the very latest features, get cygwin and compile blender yourself, then you know its up to the minute.


I’m building blender by myself from csv. It’s for linux and Athlon XP. I can send my build if someone have some space on server, because I have transfer limits on my.

yeah i realise that it is through theses forums and tutorials i learn so much . %|