ik solver baker (help?)

HI! for a morrowind character I made a model & animation but I used the IK solver and the nif exporter can’t handle it. sooo, here’s what I want to do:


  1. find a way to get the position of the armatures (after constrained) and bake it to an ipo
  2. find a way to get the ik solver to send it’s raw data to a script that could then bake it.

i have some scripting knowledge (probably almost enough) but I just have no Idea how to make it happen… does anyone have any ideas?

You can use the bake button in the Action Editor window. Unfortunately, it seems it’s not working since Blender 2.34.

So if you can open your blend in 2.34, you can bake the IKs to IPOs, save the file and return to current version.

but… the armature work properly in 2.34? many changes since this version.

what about use the matrix ob object, for example? i dont remember now the API for this.

Armature Baker script its exist or not exist in new version of blender 247