IK Solver overpowers Limit Rotation constraint?

I created two bones, the bone to track, and the bone to rotate according to the tracking bone’s position. Using the “track to” constraint, “limit rotation” works fine (if the track to constraint is on the bottom of the stack (towards the bottom of the screen)), but the IK solver seems to overtake any rotation constraints I put on it.

Does anybody have any ideas what might be causing this, or what I might be doing wrong?


IKConstraints.blend (130 KB)

My theory would be that the bone doesn’t “think” it’s rotating when it’s following the IK target. When the influence of the IK constraint is set to 0, the bone is where it started. For example, If you move the IK target and the chain follows, then you keyframe the chain, no movement will occur when you set the IK influence to 0.

I’m not sure if that’s correct. I hope it made sense though.

IK is applied after all constraints are as a separate pass. As such, it doesn’t know anything about Blender’s constraints (and it would difficult to get it do so too!). If you need to limit the rotation of bones in an IK chain in any way, you’ll need to set the ‘DOF’/limit-rotation settings per bone that exists in the IK chain.