IK solveur GameEngine

Is it possible to use an armature with IKsolveur and Constraint in the Game Engine.
I want play Action during I press the Uparrow key.
In the attachment, you can show a screenshot of my work.
When I push Pkey and Uparrow, nothing…

Config :
OS : XP Pro
Blender 2.47



Yes, BGE can work with IK, but I don’t recomend it, using it with action blending makes the bge to crash. At least that happened till version 2.46, but haven’t heard anything about fixing it.

Thank cloud_GL,
I’m gonna ask to the Crystal Space Team.
Have fun

I’ve used IK with blender game engine for the past year and a half - afaik it works great

I think they fixed it because remember they removed the option for baking animations to IPO for teh game engine simply because it wasn’t necessary anymore

Is there any way to directly manipulate a bone in the game engine?