IK Spline follow tail

I created an IK Spline following a tail and it works fine. But I am having trouble parenting the control bones so that when the tail moves with the body, the control bones for the tail move as well so that the tail does not distort unless I move the control bones for the tail. I tried parenting to the root bone but that still distorts when the tail moves since the tail control bones do not move with the rest of the object. Any ideas on where to parent?

I am attching the rig if anyone can help. I used rigify to create the rig and added the tail. The tail works fine but when including the IK Spline I cant seem to figure out what to parent the control bones for the tail to in order for it to follow the rig when it bends.
Test.blend (3.59 MB)

Here is what i got for ya with the few i got http://pasteall.org/blend/index.php?id=48532

  • Rigify is not my thing i like to build my own rig and learn along :wink:
  • Difficult to know if the result is suitable since i don’t have the full model, you can PM if you want.
  • Save yourself stress go and watch humane rigging, the author is the author of rigify as well, or just watch some rigging tutorials.

Good luck happy blending :slight_smile:

Thanks erickBlender. Looks great and much appreciated. I sent you a private message as well.