This isn’t a question. I just figured out Blender IK today, so if anyone has any questions on how it works, ask away, and I’ll see what I can do to answer.

It seemed obvious once I got it.

write us a tute as to how to get started!!!

Gotcha. After midterms! :smiley:

Promises promises :slight_smile:

I might add that if you do write a tutorial. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Get it proofread by another person. Preferably someone that has very little blender knowledge.

I ask this becasue most of the tutorials that I see on the web are almost unreadable. They assume knowledge on the part of the reader that might not be there. They have so many spelling and grammar mistakes that it takes me as much time to just understand the person’s words as it does to understand the concept he is trying to present.

A lot of blender users are from other countries(other then the USA that is) I can understand them having errors and mistakes in their tutorials. I applaude them for even making a tutorial in something other then thier native language. BUT I see a lot made by native english speakers that are more unreadable then those made by non-native speakers.

I volunteer to proof-read any tutorials that might need it. email me!

[email protected]

Just attach the text of the tutorial.

That drives me nuts, too. I’ll be sure to have someone read it. I like the idea of having a Blender newbie read it – I hadn’t really thought of that. Its good to see I’ll have some victims—ahem, volunteers—to read the draft. Thanks, cpjds1.


I could read it for correctness and readablitily. But I would say that it would be better for a blender newbie to read it to see if it fulfills its purpose as a tutorial. I have been using blender for four years, so if I read it I will probably miss some things that seem obvious to me as a four year user but would mystify a newbie. I was in this situation for about two years after I started using blender. I would read tutorials and the author would start giving instructions and would mention “do this step” and “now do this step” and I would be thinking "Ok how did he go from the on to the other. Now that I have been using blender for a while I automatically know how the author went from one step to the other but when I was new it would mystify and frustrate me and I would end up stoping and not using blender for weeks at a time.

As a blender newbie really interested in doing some IK animation, I would gladly read any tutorial… I must admit that most of the tutorials that I’ve looked at haven’t been too useful since they refer to older versions… I do like the ‘getting started in blender’ part of the manual though!

I’m trying to get my head around ‘walkcycles’ (or whatever they’re called?) so that I can make an object do some repetetive thing whilst moving around a scene…