IKA Solver in RealTime?

Is that possible? Setting a contraint in the constraint buttons (IKA Solver) and then using it in he logic bricks?

If so, how?

I’ve tried, but i dont know what i’m doing…i’m new to the realtime engine.

Help, anyone?

The constraints don’t work in realtime, but you can use them to animate an action as normal and then ‘bake’ them into the movement. In 2.25, in the action window there is a ‘bake’ button. Press it once you’ve created your animation and i think it’s supposed to create a keyframe every frame, preserving the effects of the IK constraints and stuff. This is then usable in realtime.
Haven’t actually used it yet, so this may not be right but i think its something like this, try it and see! :wink:


Yeah, i thought that might of been the case. Thanx for the help dude :slight_smile:

You can use “track to” (edit object–>track to), but this only works on the whole object, and can’t be used on idividual bones of an armature. For armature constraints, use the bake feature.