IKA solvers and MH180b

the pre built armatures in Make Human 1.80b don’t have IKA solvers, can i place them on without ruining the auto-attach-tinga-ma-jig?


yes you can put an IK solver on a model that is already rigged. just save the blend under a different name, and imo the easiest way is to open it in tuhopuu2, select the end bone of the chain, and press ‘ctrl I’ and it will magically appear.

what release is tophou 2?


tuhopuu2 is the “testing ground” for new features. It has lots of features that aren’t in bf-blender (the main blender tree), but on the flipside it’s also a little less stable as many of the features haven’t been tested fully yet.

If you don’t want to download the source and compile it yourself, you can go to the testing builds forum on blender.org