Ikrear is a reptile like creature from planet Ikrios. The planet is mostly covered in sand dunes and high mountains, so it is really harsh environment to live in. This one is a female currently standing on a higher ground and looking for prey. There are not many left of them, because almost all the planet was devastated in a war between two clans of humanoid creatures. Survived only those who escaped in high mountains and were strong enough to survive.

Blender - base mesh and renders
ZBrush - skin details and texture
Photoshop - post pro

I hope you will like it :).

I love It !!

i love it too. has an art nouveau touch to it :slight_smile:

Very elegant design, good job!

love everything about it!

Thanks for comments guys. I’m really glad you like it :slight_smile:

I like this style a lot. Great work!