Ikea 3D works

hey guys

check this one:

yes not amazing, but a fine way to show their product line.
motion blur used for object switching - nicely done.

Did you model and render it?

Thats a nice little bit of animation. Shows the commercial possiblities. The catalog is also a good source for references for furniture modeling.

no no i did not model it at all.

i found the motion blur idea quite good to blend between different products inside a line.


Ikea has a program called Kitchen planner also: http://www.ikea.com/ms/en_US/rooms_ideas/splashplanners.html

I remodelled my kitchen in it before I bought it from IKEA (I’m installing it myself right now). Very convenient. It is an OpenGL program and I tried using one of the OpenGL screen capture programs to get the 3D data from the program into Blender. Though I failed, someone other may try it for some really good reference.