Ikea Bedroom

Mu latest personal archviz project, created with Blender 2.79.
The denoiser did a nice job, but not superb (I used 3000 samples and added portals, and there are still some weird patches).


cool, go on

That’s lovely. Maybe there are patches but not very noticeable. I think you mean on the wood wall, but good enough, perhaps 4000 samples would kill them.

Thanks. Yes, on the wall. But I guess it’s not too bad.

This looks really great. Nice modeling, lighting and framing of the scene. How long did this render (in which resolution and on which GPU)?

Thanks! The render took almost 3 hours with 3000 samples. I have gtx 1070. Image size 1954x1464.

Very nice, clean and lots of detail.

Thanks :slight_smile: This was a fun project to do.

Fine render. Lighting very restrained and real looking.

That table lamp looks kind of big to me.

looks quite great from my side, good work!

Goody one, it’s cycles i asume?

Yes, it is cycles.

Did you build the models from scratch or grab them from 3D Warehouse?

All the furnitures are my own doing. As for the other things, some I did myself and others I got from diferent sources and gave them materials as needed.

Great render. Top Cycles 10! :slight_smile: I would play with camera views/angle as now it seems quite static. Some closeups with shallow depth of field would be nice too.

Did you try using Light Path node (is Reflection Ray) as a mix factor for all your materials with Transparent node (your shader to the top input and Transparent to the bottom input)? It makes huge difference in amount of fireflies in indoor renders.
Anyway good job.

No, haven’t tried that, only for the windows. Will try to remember to try it in future projects. Thanks.