Ikea lamp

it’s an ikea lamp.

do you think the modeling it’s all right? oh, and one question: in the top of the lamp are holes in the shape of stars… do anyone know how i can make then? i couldn’t get it work with the boolean modifier.

Something like -

From a square poly I added one loop horizontal and two vertical and after deleting the centre two verts I added a 10 sided circle and joined it like this -

then select every second vert in the centre and scale inwards - I also added a subsurf modifier as I think you have one on the lid.

I’m sure you can improve on that idea.

thanks for your help!

i need to try it, but do you have any idea how you can make the stars not so round, do you know what i mean?

but it’s indeed better that what i’ve tried xD

thats the upper part of it, to get an idea what i mean. it is a very smal image. sorry for that.

The curve at the edges are from the way the subsurf modifier smooths things out. It would seem you have used extra vertices close to the edge to reduce the smoothing. The other way is to add a crease to the edges to sharpen them up.

In 2.5x you can either use the properties panel (on the right of the 3dview) under transform or select edge crease from the edges menu (Ctrl-E)

In 2.49 you adjust the crease with Shift-E (Or Mesh->Edges->Crease Subsurf from the menus)

gosh, I’d think of that myself!

thanks so much, you really helped me.

I’ve got that same lamp!

…and I wouldn’t have recognized it if you weren’t doing something right…

oh i’m glad to hear that!